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25 Oct 2013 Saturday 26th October, UFFC annual march against deaths in custody
16 Oct 2013 High Court ruling on investigations of deaths in mental health settings
15 Oct 2013 London Government demands transparency over Met's Taser Roll-out
14 Oct 2013 Royal Society of Medicine conference, mental illness and ethnic minorities
9 Oct 2013 Jonathan Malia Inquest begins amid family & community search for answers
3 Oct 2013 IPCC publish report into internal death in custody investigations ahead of one day conference
2 Oct 2013 Medical Confidential alert over erosion of privacy of GP records
12 Sep 2013 Ministerial commitment, BMH UK & ACCI rountable: mental health & black Briton
11 Sep 2013 UK’s first black coroner, Chinyere Inyama, takes up lead for West London coroner’s area
9 Sep 2013 Vulnerable mental health service users shouldn't be placed in police cells
3 Sep 2013 High court quash IPCC investigation into Olaseni Lewis' death
1 Sep 2013 Dr Umar Johnson London tour sees call for the community to take charge of the education of black boys
30 Aug 2013 Kingsley Burrell-Brown family mark first anniversary of his burial no closer to closure
13 Aug 2013 BBC Radio 4’s ‘Summer Nights show: fixing professional politics
29 Jul 2013 IPCC to investigate illicit surveillance of Janet Alder following death of her brother in police custody
23 Jul 2013 Olaseni Lewis family take case to high court to find out how loved one died
22 Jul 2013 Police watchdog report spotlights Mets failings when dealing with race complaints
16 Jul 2013 Report highlights potential lethal dangers of prone restraint
15 Jul 2013 Zimmerman acquittal indictment against US justice system
12 Jul 2013 Jimmy Mubenga unlawful killing verdict leads to calls criminal prosecution
8 Jul 2013 Focus needed on addressing rather than denying discrimination in mental health services
4 Jul 2013 HMIC report into detained patients spotlights ‘criminal use of police cells’
4 Jul 2013 Health watchdog launches review of emergency mental healthcare
4 Jul 2013 Archdeacon Daniel Kajumba leads call from CoE for inquiry into Lawrence smear scandal
19 May 2013 BBC Radio London spotlights BMH UK's concerns on use of control and restraint

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