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25 Jul 2017 Mental Health Act reform presents opportunity to address institutional racism within this system
27 Jun 2017 Edir Frederico Da Costa death reinforces Black Britain's fear of UK police as race soldiers
20 Jun 2017 Met Police Taser increase a human rights concerns for black Londoners
16 Jun 2017 Mental health 'biomedical gatekeepers' perpetuate stigma & discrimination UN warns
6 Mar 2017 Minster for policing acknowledges BMH UK's work in announcement on new Taser
8 Feb 2017 Diabetes, mental health and over-medication: don't overlook the link
14 Dec 2016 Powerful next-gen Taser guns sparks fears over misuse against black Britain
6 Dec 2016 Ban Taser firearms against detained mental health patients petition' launched - ban#taser
5 Dec 2016 Time to close down locked wards? Risks of suicide and absconding not reduced in locked wards
18 Nov 2016 Premier league footballer Dalian Atkinson, killed by police Taser, to be laid to rest this weekend
1 Nov 2016 Taser death of man in need of mental health care reinforces community consensus that policing has no place in mental health care
31 Oct 2016 House of Lords to debate BMH UK's demand for Taser ban on psychiatric wards
13 Oct 2016 Institutional racism in mental health services highlighted in David Bennett inquiry report featured in Inner Temple Library Black History Month project
10 Oct 2016 WMHD psychological first aid welcomed by community who say, a focus on state injustices against black patients is also needed
6 Oct 2016 BBC Radio 4 exploring political views of new PM includes interview with BMH UK's director
4 Oct 2016 Council of Europe race report calls on UK government to address the discrimination faced by black people using mental health services
30 Sep 2016 Social model of mental health needs equal footing with medical model parliamentary report states
29 Sep 2016 BMH UK's Campaign to ban Taser against detained patients a step closer to becoming law
28 Sep 2016 Government committee concludes 'parity of esteem' between mental and physical health very difficult to achieve
15 Aug 2016 State violence against the community sees death of another black man, Dalian Atkinson, after being Tasered by police
7 Jul 2016 Questions raised in parliament on transparency of Taser use against detained patients
6 Jul 2016 UN Human Rights Council adopt resolution on mental health and human rights
1 Jul 2016 Home Secretary needs to be alerted every time police attend mental health wards
1 Jul 2016 Review of provision of supported housing for those with mental health needs sidelines race
30 Jun 2016 Shattering the silence on the hidden human rights abuse of Taser against detained mental health patients

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