Gospel Explosion

Wednesday, 16 January 2008
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Gospel Explosion
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Pic 1 - BMH UK GE IDCM Opening event  by Daniel Josias  18-12-07.jpgIn the run up to Christmas, people locked up often mistreated within psychiatric settings are not at the forefront of many people' minds. BMH UK organised a gospel explosion to put the focus back on the forgotten during the festive season. The event entitled ‘Jesus the real reason for the season' was well attended by all quarters of the community.  From church pastors, journalists, students, senior mental health executives, mental health carers and most importantly services users.

Click on the images below view this celebration event.   Opening with the acclaimed IDMC Gospel choir the audience enjoyed an evening of  Christmas, carols gospel hymns, lryrical poetry, acapella and commentary from leading politicians, academics and community leaders. 

Pic 1 - BMH UK GE IDCM Opening event  by Daniel Josias  18-12-07.jpg

Pic 1 - IDCM open the event with seasonal Christmas carols

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