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Monday, 30 October 2006
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BMH UK Launch
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pic_1_-_n_stirling-_j_aldred_-_d_michael_-_p_daniel_bmh_uk_launch.jpgBlack Mental Health UK (BMH UK ) was launched in August 2006, at Europe's largest church, KICC (Kingsway International Christian Center) during their annual conference. The conference, entitled IGOC (International Gathering of Champions) ran for eight days and hosted in the region of 30 thousand delegates.  Our lunch at this event brought the message of the crisis and abuses that occur in psyciatric settings to an audience of thousands.  Set up soley to redress the ineqalities in the treatment and care of patients from African Caribbean communities, this launch presented the opportunity to publicise the experience of patients from this group, who have routinely faced the most adverse treatment over the last 30 years.

BMH UK's stand proved the ideal way to bring the issue of mental health into the heart of the community in a context where delegates felt comfortable talking about any aspect of this issue in a non judgemental and safe environment. 

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