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The Solution Magazine: The DNA database & Black Britain

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Vast majority of innocent people will have thier DNA removed from the DNA Database
BMH_UK_The_Solution_Issue_No_4__Frnt_cver_and_fwardHome Office Minister for Crime and Security, James Brokenshire MP's endorsement of the latest online edition of The Solution magazine shows that the concerns raised by Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK) over the impact of DNA database on mental health services users and black Britain, have been taken on board by the government.

'The National DNA Database currently holds the DNA profiles of over 1.2 million individuals who have never been convicted of any crime.

The Protection of Freedoms Bill will mean that the vast majority of these people will have their records removed from the DNA Database, with the only unconvicted people remaining on the Database being those charged with serious sexual or violent offences, and then only for a period of three years,' James Brokenshire MP, Home Office Minister for Crime and Security explains in the forward of the May/June edition of BMH UK's The Solution Magazine.

'And we will also be destroying the 6 million plus biological samples held in forensic science laboratories across the country, giving further reassurance to those whose samples have been taken in the past,' the Minister added.

'I know that one of the biggest concerns over the last few years has been the difficulty faced by many in getting the police to delete their DNA records under the so-called 'exceptional case procedure'. That is why, as well as removing most of the records of unconvicted people from the Database, the Protection of Freedoms Bill will also institute a single, clear process, set out in guidance laid before Parliament, for all police forces to follow,' the Minister said.

BMH UK's four year campaign for deletion of innocent DNA

Black_Britain__the_National_Criminal_DNA_database_Campaign_history_BMH_UK_The_Solution__Issue_no_4_-_May_-June_2012Packed full of exclusives this May/June edition includes a feature on BMH UK's four year campaign calling for the deletion of innocent DNA of mental health service users detained in police cell when sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Expert in the field of genetics, Dr Helen Wallace explains what the changes in the law will mean for the future and the importance of continuing to monitor this process once the law comes into force.

The new chair of the DNA strategy board, Amanda Cooper, gives an insight into how changes in the management of the DNA database will be rolled out. In a reminder that we now live in a global village, The Solution's feature on the new Forensic Genetics Policy Initiative gives an international perspective on DNA databases around the world.

Changing the system from within

Dr_Dele_Olajide-_Joining_SLaM_-_Influencing_services_from_within_-_BMH_UKs_The_Solution_Mag_-_May_-_June_2012An exclusive interview with consultant psychiatrist Dr Dele Olajide, shines a light on the opportunities for professionals and services users, from the community, to be able to transform mental health services from within.

Also the Care Quality Commission signposts patient detained within mental health hospitals, that need help, to the support that they offer. This latest edition also marks the introduction of a new campaigns page, which gives the low down on the latest health, human rights and social justice issues.

Exciting new food writer, Chris De La Rosa shares his passion of spreading the culinary traditions of the Caribbean with recipes guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds. Our 'Voice of the voiceless' section showcases the work of inspirational poets Angella Corinna and Jeremy Grant on the journey to recovery.

'BMH UK's fourth edition of The Solution magazine gives insights on the latest development on mental health and social justice issues affecting black Britain that you will not find anywhere else.

Home Office Minister James Brokenshire MPs update on how changes to the law will protect those detained in police custody under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act from being criminalised by the DNA database is a must read for anyone working in this sector.

Our exclusive feature with Dr Helen Wallace of Gene Watch UK gives an insight into what the changes in the Protection and Freedoms Bill will mean for those profiled on the DNA database,' Matilda MacAttram editor in chief of BMH UK's The Solution Magazine said.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Dele Olajide gives insights on how to transform mental health services from within and explains how joining a mental health trust council of members opens door of influence into this sector that those outside the profession hardly know about.

'A must read for anyone in the sector, BMH UK's The Solution magazine gives you the low down on what matter most to Briton's black communities,' MacAttram said.


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