President Obama re-election welcomed by Black Briton

Wednesday, 07 November 2012


Obama elected for lead America for another four years
Elected for a second term, the American people have opted to vote African American Barack Obama to govern as the US president of the United States for another four years.

In his victory speech he reiterated his core message of unity in the face of adversity. He again called for all people regardless of their political colour, race or class to stand together for the sake of a better America as he committed to again to work with his political opponents as he did in 2008 when he was first elected president.

Leading figures from Britain's black community share their views on Barack Obama's historic re-election to the White House.

Hope is back on the agenda

Feature_No_4_-_image_1_-_Herman_Ouseley_-_Lord_'I think that hope is back on the agenda and while we were despairing about the injustices at the hands of the authorities and the rising intolerance against minorities in Europe it is good to know that when we are organised and are steadfast there is a lot that we can do. Obama's re-election demonstrates that hard work can take us forward.

It gives us an uplift to see someone like us in a powerful position, but we have to remember that in Britain and America corporate bodies rule the roost and we must be vigilant and realistic about what we believe one man even in the position of president can achieve.

This is not to say that that we should not keep up the fighting for justice, we just need to recognise that realism has to be maintained, we all know from our own personal experience that you might get to the top, but unless you have plenty of money and total control you are not going to be able to bring about many of the fundamental changes that are needed to address many of the systemic inequalities that exist,' Lord Herman Ouseley former chair of the Commission for Race Equality said.

Truly amazing dawn

'What a truly amazing dawn, our brother Barack Obama is kajumba_3once again President of one of the most powerful nation on earth.

Through the storms and on the greatest political battlefields he has emerged victorious. He faces ferocious challenges ahead of him especially from the Republicans in the Sentate, but his election is a fantastic message for black people everywhere, particularly our young girls and boys.

We know that politicians strings are pulled almost like 'puppets' by the greater wealthier powers who really rule the world.

But I do take solace in knowing that my children will see him in the White House, because with that comes the important belief that they can achieve anything,' Arch Deacon Daniel Kajumba chair of CMEAC (Committee for Ethnic Minority Anglican Concerns) said.


Symbolic that the first black president is not a one term president

Chinyere_InyamaI am delighted at Obama's re-election, it is extremely symbolic that the first time black president should not just be a one term president.

He was right himself when he said that he was the embodiment of the 'American Dream', and evidence of what can be achieved through diligence and hard work, which applies equally to women as it does to African Americans, Asians, Hispanics or any other minority living in the US. It is important to have a positive role model who ticks every single box in terms of marriage, family, values which he does.

His magnanimity in always praising his opponents and the way he remains dignified in all situations is commendable. I don't necessarily agree with his politics, but I do hope he can achieve the goals he has set out to so that he leaves a legacy such as with Obamacare for example,' the UK's first black coroner, Chinyere Inyama, HM Coroner for the Eastern District of Greater London said.

Powerful positive image

Matilda_MacAttram'The positive impact behind the symbolism of having a black man in the highest office in the world is something, particularly in light of the fact there are so few positive images of this kind in the media, that can only be beneficial.

The euphoria I felt at his re-election was tinged with relief.

Knowing that Obama is back in the White House is undoubtedly something to be celebrated but we can't be under any illusions that there are powerful systems in place to maintain the status quo. Having him and his family on the international stage and in such positions of great influence needed and welcomed.

I wish the Obama's all the best in their second term in the White House,' Matilda MacAttram director of Black Mental Health UK said.


simon-woolleyIt is truly historic again

'I think that it is truly historic again, but also a great relief that we have a good man in the White House.

The thought of a Romney administration scared me a great deal. Obama as head of the most powerful nation in the world sends out a clear symbol of hope to the black world and to people who are poor and those who want dignity and equality of opportunity for everyone.

Right now the challenge is to translate the euphoria of Obama's victory into direct and effective action here in the UK and beyond to ensure our own domestic success,' Simon Wolley director of Operation Black Vote said

Your background need not deter you from following your dream

Dr_Frank_Chinegwundoh_Harley_Street_Ongologist_-_Chair_CBC'Obama's re-election remains an inspiration for black people throughout the world, he has been faced with huge challenges, which he inherited from the George Bush administration, but he has made significant advances in health care, the car industry and withdrawing troops from Iraq. I have no doubt that in the next four years that he will achieve as much as a president can achieve given the republicans are such staunch blockers.

There are a lot of accomplishments that have already been made during his first four years in office, but being realistic, it would have been impossible for him to deliver on everyone's expectations.

The message of having Barack Obama in the White House is that it is possible to set a goal and achieve it, and your background need not deter you from perusing your dream,' Dr Frank Chinegwundoh, consultant urological surgeon, London and chairman of the Cancer Black Care.

Outstanding achievement

dotun_adebayo'O ye little faith - I seem to be the only one my circle of friends who thought he was going to be re-elected. How do you like him now O ye o little faith? How do you like him now?

It's incredible, let's not underplay that securing second term in itself in an outstanding achievement. How many presidents have won second terms? George Bush Snr, Jimmy Carter, those guys's didn't win second terms, whoever he is we cannot underestimate this.

When you look at the reporting that has gone on in the media over this they just report that Obama has won, they all omit the other factors. It is a major achievement of one man that should not be underplayed, there is only one person who knows what it took, and that is him – you could argue there are two – him and his wife, but he is the one in the firing line.

It's incredible, let's not under play what it takes to runfor  president for a second term,' Dotun Adebyo – presenter, play writer and journalist said.

Good for our psyche
Alicia_Spence_-_ACCI_manager_by_Lucan_Spittle'The one thing for me that is kind of uplifting to see Obama get re-elected. No one anticipated that we would see a black president in our lifetime and four years ago there was some very negative media coverage that he was 'one term black president', so for us as a people we needed to see him re-elected it is a very powerful image.

When we look at him, with him black wife and black children, who look like anyone else from the community it is good for our psyche and self esteem.

Barack being married to Michelle is always a powerful endorsement particularly for black women. Her role has been significant and I think she helps keep him grounded.

When I woke up this morning I felt better knowing that Obama is still President, but I am under no illusions that he will make any miracles happen. There are things that are probably close to his heart that he won't be able to do, because of the way the system works, but it is good for young people to see an image like this and know that there is not a position in the world that they cannot hold if they work hard enough,' Alicia Spence services director at ACCI (African Caribbean Community Iniatiative), the UK's oldest surviving mental health service said.

Benefit of the many rather than the few
llewellyn_graham'I was delighted that Obama was re-elected because I do feel that he has an agenda for change. Much of the difficulties he faced during his first term were because of Republican opposition to the changes he wanted to introduce. Even Obamacare programme there was staunch opposition.

As Europeans we understand the importance of the availability of universal healthcare, particularly for those who can't afford health insurance. In the US a lot of effort was put into blocking his reforms on health care so that he would be perceived to have failed.

I was so glad that people saw through this and he has been given the chance to finish a lot of the work that he started in his first term. I pray that he will be bolder to push many more reforms in this term of office for the benefit of the many rather than for the few,' Bishop Llewellyn Graham said.

Exposed racial faultlines in American society

Lee_Jasper_-_1'An historic second term that has exposed the racial fault lines in American society, the majority of white people voted for Romney while everybody else voted for Obama, that demonstrates the redundancy of racism in American politics.

If the President now could tackle the racism implicit in the American judicial system, close Guantanamo bay and pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and drive a settlement to the Palestinian peace process, he could make a real contribution not only to US but to global peace,' Lee Jasper community activist and Respect parliamentary candidate for Croydon North said.


The best America has to offer

Charlie_Williams_1_'For me there was no doubt that he needed a second term, because – there was no way he could sort out that mess that he'd inherited from the Bush administration in just four years.

It is fantastic that he'll be going back to the White House, it is the change that America needs, Obama winning this election is well deserved. He started out very well and I am glad he has given a second term to finish the job.

His re-election sends positive message to all our youth all over the world, as far role models go it doesn't' get much bigger than the president of the USA.

The question now is will the Republicans will work with him because in his first term they opposed everything that he wanted to do. I know that there are people who have issues with him over the war and the Middle East, but they would have had those issues no matter who the president was. Obama is the best America has to offer,' Charlie William Birmingham Strong Justice for All said.

In the US and in the UK the black vote can swing it

desmond_hall'Great news! I was all for seeing Obama have a second term in office. He has gone a little skew whiff on religious grounds but we as a church should stand behind our leaders and not rely on other to carry the issues that the Church needs to be speaking out about in the political arena. It is too great a burden for one politician to carry.

We as the black church need to take the initiative on and speak out on issues of faith, religion, gender and culture to all the political parties – we need to stand up and be counted as God requires us to do.

At the end of the day in the US or in UK the black vote can swing it, even here in the UK so he have to take a stand as Obama has proved, nothing is impossible' Rev Desmond Hall chair of Christians Together in Brent said.

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