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24 May 2012 Government inquiry into police watchdog, IPCC, welcomed
22 May 2012 Father’s day vigils for police deaths in custody planned
21 May 2012 Lunchtime qualitative research seminar on black men’s mental health
18 May 2012 Concern that YOI keeping black children locked for profit
16 May 2012 Consultation on Mental Health of Older Adults services in Lewisham
15 May 2012 Tasers - overuse of force leaving service users traumatised and injured
3 May 2012 Lack of confidence in IPCC leads to calls for watchdog to be shut down
1 May 2012 New counselling therapies report fails to factor in needs of ethnic minorities
30 Apr 2012 Inquest into death of mental health campaigner, Jane Antoniou, starts today
30 Apr 2012 Long term conditions mental health stakeholder group meeting excludes black agencies
25 Apr 2012 Investigating deaths in custody lecture: London Met University
23 Apr 2012 Calls for abolition of IPCC gets backing from across the community
20 Apr 2012 UK’s Feminista forum to focus on women's mental health
18 Apr 2012 NICE launch guidance on improving mental health service user’s care
17 Apr 2012 Black students in higher education report launch in parliament
16 Apr 2012 Deaths in custody dominates mayoral debate for black Londoners
12 Apr 2012 Mayoral hustings for black Londoners: Thursday 12 April
12 Apr 2012 Shock at Shanise Paris-Goff's death after visit from plain clothes police
11 Apr 2012 Conscious Radio spotlights mental health and the community
3 Apr 2012 Bereaved families of relatives detained under the Mental Health Act report published
2 Apr 2012 Video link court appearance of service user gunned down by police condemned
30 Mar 2012 London demands justice for Trayvon Martin
30 Mar 2012 Birkbeck University hosts Inspirational You conference
29 Mar 2012 Shock at rapes and sexual assaults in London’s Mental Health hospitals
28 Mar 2012 Civil rights card launched to protect youth subject to police stop and search
26 Mar 2012 Police shooting of mental health service user condemned
26 Mar 2012 Supporters out in force at beginning of Alfie Meadow’s trail
26 Mar 2012 VoA radio: Trayvon Martin shooting triggers new movement for justice
23 Mar 2012 Trayvon Martin: Million hoodie march for justice
21 Mar 2012 Mental health service users more likely to be victims of violence
20 Mar 2012 Parliamentary meeting on criminalisation of peaceful protestors’
19 Mar 2012 Race: Causal factor in August riots new report shows
15 Mar 2012 Calls for justice renewed as grieving community marks loss of reggae icon Smiley Culture
14 Mar 2012 Falklands paratrooper Christopher Alder memorial,Sunday 1st of April
13 Mar 2012 50% of black youth unemployed: A shameful statistic for 21st Century Britain
12 Mar 2012 Racism, police and the state
7 Mar 2012 Ghana celebrates 55 years of independence
7 Mar 2012 BMH UK to give evidence at parliamentary meeting on mental health
6 Mar 2012 Housing instability linked to poor mental health and offending
2 Mar 2012 Police apology to Duggan family ‘too little too late’
1 Mar 2012 Cynthia Bower head of Care Quality Commission quits in wake of damning report
29 Feb 2012 Deaths in Custody national stakeholder consultation event
27 Feb 2012 Doubt cast over police version of events as family speak out over police shooting
23 Feb 2012 The Network for Police Monitoring ‘Kettling Police Powers’ campaign
23 Feb 2012 Westminster meeting on mental health care for minority groups
20 Feb 2012 New benefits risk trapping people with mental health problems at home
16 Feb 2012 Malcom X Blue Plaque commemorates Birmingham visit
15 Feb 2012 Children in care fear talking about their emotional needs
14 Feb 2012 New mental health manual slammed as ‘dangerous’
13 Feb 2012 Whitney Houston – soul singer and music legend dies

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