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23 Sep 2011 Appeal for witnesses after black fire fighter tasered by police
22 Sep 2011 £10 million cash injection for dementia services must reach African Caribbean elders
21 Sep 2011 Black Scientists and Inventors at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre
16 Sep 2011 Police using facebook to spy on people
15 Sep 2011 UK needs to do more address race inequality UN committee states
14 Sep 2011 Racial identity tied to happiness new research shows
13 Sep 2011 Mental health summit meeting this week
9 Sep 2011 Thousands expected to pay their respects at funeral of Mark Duggan today
9 Sep 2011 Tooth loss three times higher in people with serious mental illness
9 Sep 2011 Paul Burstow MP gives backing to BMH UK’s new The Solution Magazine
8 Sep 2011 Call for community support as children and young people facing post riot court hearings
5 Sep 2011 Independent Advisory Panel on prevention of deaths in custody: family hearings
5 Sep 2011 Shock, no officer to face charges for Smiley Culture fatality
2 Sep 2011 Funeral of Demetre Fraser, death in custody victim, today
1 Sep 2011 999 callers on database with criminals and suspects
1 Sep 2011 Corporate Manslaughter Act extension welcomed
31 Aug 2011 Riot communities and victims panel announced
30 Aug 2011 Thirty day ban on demonstrations – another step towards a police state?
24 Aug 2011 Calls for accountablity at alarming rise in deaths
23 Aug 2011 Police officers caught illegally accessing criminal databases
23 Aug 2011 5th Reparation conference on International Slavery Remembrance Day
22 Aug 2011 UN to be told that UK failing to deliver on race equality
19 Aug 2011 Lack of awareness around cervical cancer test
18 Aug 2011 Antipsychotic drugs and physical ill health link
17 Aug 2011 New petition against social media censorship and snopping
16 Aug 2011 RCP Section 136 guidelines highlights need to end use of police cells as ‘places of safety’
15 Aug 2011 David Starkey’s comments, online petition to Ofcom for public apology
12 Aug 2011 Law and order overides social justice PM speech on public order
12 Aug 2011 March 4 Justice 4 Demetre Fraser is postponed
12 Aug 2011 IPPC admit they may misled media ahead of Mark Duggan’s wake
8 Aug 2011 VoA Radio: violence ripping the capital - should we have seen this comming?
5 Aug 2011 Demetre Fraser sparks third national march against deaths in custody
4 Aug 2011 Music good for mental health research shows
3 Aug 2011 Smiley Culture’s inquest to be heard before a jury
2 Aug 2011 African Fashion Week premiers in London
1 Aug 2011 Police ‘institutionalised corruption’ raises fears over innocent DNA retention
29 Jul 2011 London meeting on National Afrikan People’s Parliament
26 Jul 2011 Siblings of mental health service users need support too, research shows
26 Jul 2011 Government U-turn on deleting innocent DNA condemned
25 Jul 2011 Olive Morris memorial awards open for nominations
22 Jul 2011 Big Society risks increasing racial tensions, ethnic minorities fear
20 Jul 2011 Mental health service users, higher mortality after heart attacks but get inferior care
19 Jul 2011 New face of Sainsbury’s Lorraine Pascal shattering the culinary glass ceiling
18 Jul 2011 Police sackings expose Database abuses
18 Jul 2011 Nelson Mandela celebrates 93rd birthday
13 Jul 2011 Legal challenge to police ‘racist’ stop-and-search powers welcomed
11 Jul 2011 Link between mental illness and cancer needs spotlighting
8 Jul 2011 ACCI carers day showcases community action at its best
7 Jul 2011 Campaigners force investigation into Demetre Fraser’s death
7 Jul 2011 Mental health needs of ethnic minority children ignored report shows

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