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12 Aug 2009 Government justice committee raises concerns on CPS treatment of crime victims who are service users
11 Aug 2009 The Afiya Trust has announced the appointment of a new chief executive
10 Aug 2009 DNA database poses serious threat to community relations
5 Aug 2009 Call for lay members to join new Department of Health’s Equality and Diversity Council
31 Jul 2009 Athlete Rachel Christie crowned first black winner of Miss England
30 Jul 2009 Operation Black Vote celebrate 13 years of success with launch of political blog
28 Jul 2009 Justice Minister launches mental health courts
27 Jul 2009 Home Affairs Select Committee reveals institutional racism still a problem within the police force
23 Jul 2009 Race equality needs to be prioritised in New Horizons consultation strategy experts say
22 Jul 2009 Leading black educationalist reflects on the passing of musical genius Michael Jackson
20 Jul 2009 New report brings to light inpatient deaths which could been prevented
16 Jul 2009 Church leaders speak out against retention of innocent DNA on eve of national consultation seminar
15 Jul 2009 Afyia Trust launch of first national black and minority ethnic carers panel
13 Jul 2009 President Obama’s trip to Ghana marks a new era in African American relations
8 Jul 2009 Consultation seminar for the community on Home Office plans for the DNA database
6 Jul 2009 Ethnic Minority Awareness Week begins today
2 Jul 2009 OBV’s councillor shadowing scheme leads the way in diversifying local government
1 Jul 2009 Good practice guide for court diversion and criminal justice mental health liaison schemes launched
30 Jun 2009 Working with ethnicity race and culture conference focuses on improving black patient experience
25 Jun 2009 Musical genius Michael Jackson has died
24 Jun 2009 Smoking ban on mental health wards is failing new report reveals
22 Jun 2009 The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health may cease to exist after 2010
19 Jun 2009 Godfrey Moyo inquest highlights the growing numbers of black deaths in custody
18 Jun 2009 Roll out of electronic patient records receives mixed reception
17 Jun 2009 Amnesty International campaign for human rights based mental health care
12 Jun 2009 KEMET community radio Sunday show looks at impact of million pound race equality programme
9 Jun 2009 Calls for independent jury for all deaths in detention as Coroners Bill goes to committee stage
8 Jun 2009 People with mental health diagnosis more likely to receive inferior quality of medical care
2 Jun 2009 Six year old Imogen Appiah in race against time to find a bone marrow donor
1 Jun 2009 Genewatch’s director explains why Black Briton needs to have a say on the DNA database
28 May 2009 NPSA to run focus groups reporting on patient safety concerns
26 May 2009 Schizophrenia does not increase risk of violent crime
22 May 2009 BMH UK launch an online poll launched to gauge community view on DNA database
21 May 2009 President Obama announces visit to Ghana
19 May 2009 Mighty Men of Valour out in force for national father’s day parade this weekend
18 May 2009 Mental health campaigners lobby for change to 2009 Coroners and Justice Bill
14 May 2009 New ‘black plaster’ a welcome breakthrough in first aid products for ethnic minorities
13 May 2009 'Coroner system unfit for purpose', Inquest comment on the Coroners and Justice Bill
12 May 2009 Councillors taskforce public seminar encourages ethnic minority women to step into local government
11 May 2009 Service users more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violent crime
9 May 2009 BBC Radio Ulster’s Sunday programme looks at how the DNA database has criminalised black Briton
7 May 2009 Race equality groups slam Home office plans to hold onto innocent DNA for another 12 years
1 May 2009 Bradley report on mental health in the Criminal Justice System recommends wholesale change
28 Apr 2009 BME Project Worker - British Institute of Learning Disabilities
27 Apr 2009 New ‘Reclaim your DNA website’ welcomed by human rights and race equality groups
23 Apr 2009 Evening Standard seller, Ian Tomlinson, puts media spotlight on deaths in custody
21 Apr 2009 Father of genetic fingerprinting slams Government's move to keep innocent on criminal DNA database
20 Apr 2009 Shocking new figures show an average of four deaths a day of patients in psychiatric care
15 Apr 2009 NHS gets £100m privacy and dignity fund to phase out mixed sexed wards by 2010
13 Apr 2009 Obama family welcome new puppy to the Whitehouse

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