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9 Apr 2009 Delivering Race Equality’s National Director gives her expert opinion on the programme's impact
8 Apr 2009 NICE guidance on treatment of schizophrenia welcomed but a far cry from reality say community groups
6 Apr 2009 Tories call for the removal of innocent from Criminal DNA database
3 Apr 2009 Croydon BME forum launches community development workers team
2 Apr 2009 New social enterprise ‘People With Voices’ set to diversify Briton’s media
1 Apr 2009 Queen welcomes President Barack Obama to Buckingham palace pior to London Summit meeting
31 Mar 2009 African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance force to shut up shop after 25 years of service
30 Mar 2009 First Lady Michelle Obama tops Vanity Fair’s international best dressed list
27 Mar 2009 Vigil held for service user as family's questions over his death in custody go unanswered
25 Mar 2009 Dancing To Our Own Tune service user report calls for better BME engagement
23 Mar 2009 Media used as catalyst in Council of Europe’s anti discrimination campaign
17 Mar 2009 Community experts hope new national mental health agency will not sideline race equality
16 Mar 2009 Inequalities between mental and physical health literally costing lives
12 Mar 2009 Community leaders slam plans for airport style security scanners in mental health hospitals
11 Mar 2009 South London film festival to raise mental health awareness
11 Mar 2009 Opportunities for volunteer journalists at Black Mental Health UK
10 Mar 2009 Imperial War Museum’s Windrush Lectures sheds light on Britons hidden history
9 Mar 2009 Government taskforce encoraging minority women to become councillors
6 Mar 2009 Stephen Lawrence's Architecture for Everyone scheme opens the door to Briton’s young black talent
5 Mar 2009 New report show diversion out of criminal justice system better for those with mental health needs
4 Mar 2009 Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry lifts the lid on war veteran's failing mental health care
2 Mar 2009 The Hounding of David Oluwale play brings injustices of deaths in custody to the stage
27 Feb 2009 New Nation newspaper saved as administrators find buyer
27 Feb 2009 Convention on Modern Liberty wake-up call to Briton
25 Feb 2009 The White House to honour Stevie Wonder with Gershwin Lifetime Achievement Award
24 Feb 2009 10th Anniversary of Macpherson report reveals lessons have not been learnt
23 Feb 2009 Website Developer Tender — 100 Black Men of London
19 Feb 2009 NHS complaints system is failing patients Healthcare Commission report reveals
18 Feb 2009 Memorial plaque to Olaudah Equiano commemorates a significant part of Briton’s hidden history
17 Feb 2009 Food and mental health being link explored in new My Dish website
16 Feb 2009 Thousands needing mental health care dumped in prison system with disastrous results report says
13 Feb 2009 Paul Wayne Gregory chocolate truffles make the perfect Valentine gift
12 Feb 2009 First Lady Michelle Obama to grace to cover of Vogue
11 Feb 2009 Judiciary for All - One day seminars on how to become a magistrate
10 Feb 2009 Mentally ill inmate commits suicide after catalogue of failings in the prison system
9 Feb 2009 Judge rules CPS wrong to deny victim with mental illness right to fight for justice
6 Feb 2009 Working for Wellness trainees — National Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme
5 Feb 2009 Brixton Conference on Mental Health
4 Feb 2009 Community services are the perfect candidates for 2009 ‘People’s Award for Dignity in Care'
3 Feb 2009 Obama’s favorite choir seals deal with Universal Music at Heathrow airport
2 Feb 2009 Archbishop of York to attend memorial to Britons first black political activist Olaudah Equiano
26 Jan 2009 Leaked memo shows government got it wrong on mixed sexed wards
22 Jan 2009 Talking therapies guide launched as new research shows Trusts are failing to provide online therapy
21 Jan 2009 Concerns over lack of community engagement as Monitor’s reveals rise in foundation trust status
20 Jan 2009 Leading black voices in Briton on historic Obama Inauguration
19 Jan 2009 Martin Luther King Day key part of historic Obama celebrations
15 Jan 2009 Omincare, Birmingham oldest surviving community service wins stay of execution
14 Jan 2009 ‘100% support for single sexed wards’
13 Jan 2009 Ten years on - memorial for service user Roger Sylvester this Sunday
8 Jan 2009 New Magistrates scheme launched in a bid for minority recruits

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