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17 Sep 2008 Healthcare Commission survey of mental health services highlights care gaps in essential services
16 Sep 2008 Mayor Boris Johnson appoints Mary O’Connor as new chair of London Health Commission
15 Sep 2008 London’s oldest community mental health service celebrates 21 years of care
11 Sep 2008 BPA urges the African Caribbean community to check their blood pressure in 'Know Your Numbers Week'
10 Sep 2008 IPCC report confirms police cells are not places of safety for mental health patients
5 Sep 2008 New book on Mental health in a multi-ethnic society released
4 Sep 2008 New survey shows wholesale opposition to innocent mental health patients on criminal DNA database
3 Sep 2008 Human rights groups condemn plans for 'supermarket jails' and new powers to collect DNA
2 Sep 2008 Community calls for new Quality Care Commissioner appointments to be truly diverse
1 Sep 2008 Titan prison plans slammed as 'gigantic mistake'
29 Aug 2008 English Heritage upgrades 25 buildings to show historic ties to the transatlantic slave trade
28 Aug 2008 Legal watchdog fails on race equality
27 Aug 2008 Public Guardian Office publishes first annual report
26 Aug 2008 New research needs to note that faith is key to intergenrational ties
25 Aug 2008 Double discrimination hinders ethnic minority mental health survivor’s re-entry into the work place
22 Aug 2008 Have your say on the National DNA database, which is criminalising millions of innocent Britons
22 Aug 2008 Tribute to Mother of Notting Hill Carnival — Claudia Jones
21 Aug 2008 Mayor Boris Johnson backs Hyde Park memorial to mark African Holocaust
20 Aug 2008 Children of mental health patients often overlooked
19 Aug 2008 Controversy over new website rating doctor’s care
18 Aug 2008 Health professionals have the highest suicide and mortality rates in the UK new research reveals
15 Aug 2008 National Portrait Gallery ‘Want to See More of Me?’ exhibition showcases Briton's best black actors
14 Aug 2008 Report condemns accident and emergency departments’ 'sporadic' mental health care
13 Aug 2008 Bristol’s top 10 BME talents needed for Councillor Shadowing scheme
12 Aug 2008 Shock revelations of treatment of failed asylum seekers exposed in ‘Outsourcing Abuse’ report
11 Aug 2008 Health experts express grave reservations about new talking therapies campaign
11 Aug 2008 Isaac Hayes, legendary soul singer, dies at 65
8 Aug 2008 National mentoring programme calls for the best in British black talent to step forward
7 Aug 2008 Mental health homicides are at an all time low
6 Aug 2008 Underfunded mental health sector hitting patient care and reinforcing Cinderella status
5 Aug 2008 Liquidation of Ujima could have been avoided
4 Aug 2008 Sinister ethnic profiling, though illicit DNA database research, comes to light
1 Aug 2008 Obama whistle stop tour to the UK makes lasting impression on London’s Mayor
31 Jul 2008 Human Genetics Commissions condemnation of national DNA database welcomed
31 Jul 2008 National mentoring programme calls for the best in black British talent to step forward
29 Jul 2008 Black Cultural Archives secures permanent home and offers opportunities for the community to invest
28 Jul 2008 Patients groups hope new Doctor's reviews will address faillings in mental health care
25 Jul 2008 Launch of Bamboo Grove, fine dining restaurant, brings nouvelle cuisine Caribbean to South Croydon
24 Jul 2008 Symposium on the DNA database exposes a system that is criminalizing by stealth
23 Jul 2008 Largest review of acute mental health services exposes continuing failures
22 Jul 2008 Health campaigners welcome new ‘I want great care’ website
22 Jul 2008 Public meeting for the community on DNA database at House of Commons today
21 Jul 2008 Stigma should not sideline racial discrimination in the drive to improve mental health care
18 Jul 2008 Operation Black Vote celebrate 12 years of success
17 Jul 2008 House of Commons symposium on DNA Databases impact on minority communities
16 Jul 2008 Stigma keeps MP silent over their own mental health problems
15 Jul 2008 'Expert opinion' questions DNA database's criminalisation of the innocent
14 Jul 2008 Caribbean leaders in London to meet UK government ministers at the 6th Biannual Forum
11 Jul 2008 Public meeting:National DNA Criminal Database and African Caribbean communities
10 Jul 2008 Young Voices radio discussed if being on the DNA database can effect your job propsects

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