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22 Feb 2008 Charity criticises new complaints system
21 Feb 2008 Key to Good Patient Care
20 Feb 2008 Patients with schizophrenia are almost three times as likely to suffer from a ruptured appendix
19 Feb 2008 Doctors have no confidence in NHS database, says BMA News poll
18 Feb 2008 More confusion for international doctors, says BMA
18 Feb 2008 Research shows rise in GPs prescribing exercise for depression
15 Feb 2008 New independent statistics board set up
14 Feb 2008 One in five African doctors work outside Africa
14 Feb 2008 Racist vandals attack Stephen Lawrence Centre
13 Feb 2008 PI warn of breakdown of public’s trust in national IT systems.
13 Feb 2008 ‘The Way We See It’ - New book addressing educational inequality
12 Feb 2008 Bullying harms kids' mental health study shows
11 Feb 2008 Britain’s leading faith magazine launch new directory
11 Feb 2008 Black Eyed Peas singer's political video for Obama is a hit on the Web
8 Feb 2008 Obama takes US poll clean sweep
7 Feb 2008 Clegg calls for revolution in mental health care
6 Feb 2008 Mental health care damaging patients’ health report reveals
5 Feb 2008 Research highlights volunteers key role in mental health
4 Feb 2008 Mental health wards 'abuse' warning
1 Feb 2008 Psychiatric wards are frightening, says watchdog
31 Jan 2008 Push for new stop and search laws unwelcome...
30 Jan 2008 Dubb legend Linton Kwesi Johnson, speaks out for justice
29 Jan 2008 Chief inspector comments on Chelmsford damning prison suicides report
29 Jan 2008 Women prisoners need life support
29 Jan 2008 Hundreds of people with mental health problems are dying while detained in hospital but their deaths
29 Jan 2008 Government abandons promise to eliminate mixed-sex wards
28 Jan 2008 Black Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Two Decades Earlier Than White Women
27 Jan 2008 Human rights groups have condemned the Governments plans for ‘secret’ deaths in custody inquests.
27 Jan 2008 C.diff NHS chief 'to get pay-off'
24 Jan 2008 London's black communities urged to register for May elections
24 Jan 2008 Golden handshake may be the key to addressing the dearth of black teachers in urban schools
24 Jan 2008 Support for emotional wellbeing in schools -in 25 pilot areas announced
22 Jan 2008 Police pay should reflect performance and skills
22 Jan 2008 OBV win Channel 4 Award for groundbreaking scheme
21 Jan 2008 New Campaign to protect against ‘Identity Attacks’
21 Jan 2008 New trend of transcarceration is leaving many blacks locked up for life
21 Jan 2008 Mental health research on Teesside receives £40k
19 Jan 2008 King’s Son, Others Warn on His Birthday: Don’t Be Mystified By Historic Candidacies
18 Jan 2008 Poor NHS 'kills thousands'
17 Jan 2008 Watchdog plan endangers mental health safeguards
17 Jan 2008 Ineffective use of antipsychotic drugs
17 Jan 2008 Prescription drugs price label call
16 Jan 2008 The Brown Pound Note
15 Jan 2008 Mental disorders rife after Hurricane Katrina: study
14 Jan 2008 Specialist mental health service fights to keep clients out of the cold
14 Jan 2008 Universities given grants for new mental health projects
11 Jan 2008 BME involvement urged in new Midlands health strategy
10 Jan 2008 Research shows courts fail to use option of mental health treatment for offenders outside prison
10 Jan 2008 Nine NHS trusts lose records
10 Jan 2008 DH consultation to find a shared vision of mental health

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