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St George - George of Lydda, born in Turkey of 'Black' Palestinian parentage

24 April 2015

St_George_of_Lydda_of_black_palestinian_heritageBy Ruth Dayspring

While St George's day has been celebrated widely in the media this week, as either a mark of great patriotism or even as a chance to mark multi-culturalism in Briton there has been little or no reference to sources which show the Patron Saint of England George of Lydda, was born in Turkey in the 15th Century of 'black' Palestinian parentage.


Minister writes to Met Police over BMH UK's concerns over police presence on mental wards

21 April 2015

Norman_Lamb_MP_letter_to_Cmmdr_Christine_Jones_March_2015_FinalBy Staff writer
Prior to the close of parliament the minister Norman Lamb MP, wrote to the Metropolitan Police lead for mental health Cmmdr Christine Jones following a meeting with BMH UK's director Matilda MacAttram, about  the concerns she has been raising for the past two years over the disturbing practice of hospital staff calling police often in riot gear onto locked psychiatric wards to deal with disstressed patients,and the lack of transparency around such incidents.


Kingsley Burrell inquest begins four years after his death

08 April 2015

Kingley_Burrell_Brown__Inquest_2015By staff writer
The inquest into the death of father-of-three Kingsley Burrell Brown began this week with jurors hearing how the 29-year-old, who had no history of mental illness, was detained under the Mental Health Act after he called the police for help, and how officers reportedly 'injected him in the brain', punched him and left him on the floor incontinent while in the care of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust.


People living with a diagnosis of severe mental illness five time more likely to be the victim of violent crime

16 March 2015

man_holding_his_eyesBy Zephaniah Samuels
New data published in the latest edition or British Journal of Psychiatry confirms findings made a three year research study published by Victim Support, which shows those living with a diagnosis of severe mental illness are more likely to be the victim than perpetrators of crime, but are not getting the support they need from health, police or social services.


UNISON National Black Members conference vote to officially back work of Black Mental Health UK

09 March 2015

UNISON_Black_Members_conference_-_2015By Ruth Dayspring

A motion has been passed at this year's National Black Members Conference (NBMC) for this section of UNISON, the UK's largest union, to formally throw it's support behind the work of human rights campaigns group Black Mental Health UK.


Support slashed to London's oldest black led mental health service, Family Health Isis

24 April 2015

Family_Health_Isis_logoBy Zephaniah Samuels
Significant sections of the Capital's community have voiced shock at the news that London's oldest black led mental health service, Family Health Isis, has been told that support for their often life saving work will be significantly cut at a time at a time when detention rates of people from the community are at their highest.


Shelving of secure training colleges dubbed 'children's super prisons' welcomed

08 April 2015

prison_officer_os_prisonBy Ruth Dayspring
With children from the UK's African Caribbean communities accounting for 40% of those locked up in youth jails although they come from a community that make up just 3% of the national population, the shelving of plans to build the largest children's prison in Western Europe known as 'secure training college', has been welcomed by race equality and human rights groups.


Parliament committee calls for change in law to end use of police cells for those detained under the Mental Health Act

17 March 2015

HASC_websiteRuth Dayspring

The Home Affairs Committee report on policing and mental health has said that the Mental Health Act 1983 should be amended so that police cells are no longer stated as a place of safety for those detained under section 136, in line with BMH UK demands set out in their submission to this committee last year.


Black Briton's children and vulnerable adults more likely to be detained in police custody and stripped searched new report shows

10 March 2015

HMIC_logoBy Staff writer
A report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) today has found that children from the UK's African Caribbean communities adults in need of mental health care are more likely to be detained in police custody and strip search. Also vulnerable people generally are unnecessarily criminalised because police custody is being used as a substitute for health and social care.


BMH UK Westminster round table on mass incarceration of black Britons

03 March 2015

BMH_UK_Harris_Review_meeting_19-1-15_no_2_589x331By Zephaniah Samuels
A BMH UK community meeting on the Harris Review into 'self-inflicted' deaths in NOMS Custody of 18-24 year olds has been hosted by Lord Harris in Westminster: Discussions with professionals from the community working across the criminal justice system, health practitioners, front line workers, family members and those with firsthand experience of this system has informed a report BMH UK has submitted to this review.


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