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NPCC reject Taser only used as last resort when subject doused in petrol, in wake of ignited victim inquest, sparks alarm across the community

02 October 2015

taser_gun2By Zephaniah Samuels
This week's inquest into man doused in petrol who was ignited by a Taser has seen the police watchdog the IPCC call for more guidance on their use. With data showing that people from the UK's African Caribbean communities account for half of those Tasered across the capital, the NPCC's response rejecting that Taser should only be used as a last resort in such circumstances has sparked alarm across the community.


PM Cameron's Jamaica visit dominated by reparations demands as activist warn that Maangamizi is not over

29 September 2015

CameronWith the media awash with calls in Jamaica as well as from British reparation activists in the Diaspora for a governmental apology and reparations for slavery and the slave trade, which the UN has recognised as a crime against humanity, from PM David Cameron during his visit this week, scholars point out that the injustices and crimes of this Maangamizi are far from over.


Legacies of British slave-ownership talk at parliament of significant importance to black Briton

16 September 2015

Transatlantic_Slave_Trade_mapThis evenings talk on the account of the legacies associated with the £20 million paid in compensation after the abolition of slavery in 1834, the equivalent to £16.5bn today, through the Slave Compensation Commission which names families that have produce descendants such as George Orwell, Graham Greene and Prime Minister David Cameron, is of particular importance to black Britons as descendants of what is now recognised as the Maangamizi, which race equality campaigners say is far from over.


New Mental Health Independent Advocacy Bill introduced to parliament

31 August 2015

MH_Advocacy_Bill._jpgBy Zephaniah Samuels

With research showing that people from the UK's African Caribbean communities who are subject to detention under the Mental Health Act are least likely to access effective advocacy, a Bill introduced in parliament setting out improvements in the provision of independent mental health advocacy is of particular significance for black Briton.


Policing and Criminal Justice Bill will reform mental health legislation

25 August 2015

Policing_and_criminal_justice_bill_-_textThe legislative reforms to the Mental Health Act set out in the Policing and Criminal Justice Bill are not the place that one would expect to find changes that have the potential to improve the way vulnerable people in need of mental health care are treated. While welcome, those in the heart of the community, working on the front line are clear that plans to expand police S135 powers may mean the reality of police being the first point of contact for those in crisis will get worse.


Cherry Groce remembrance event 30 years on from the Brixton uprising, see her children still fighting for justice

01 October 2015

Cherry_Groce_after_police_shooting_1985_-_1A remembrance event for Cherry Groce, who was gunned down and paralysed by a firearms officer during a dawn raid on her home, sparking the Brixton uprisings of 1985, will take place on Saturday 3rd October. Organised by her children, this will raise awareness of their new campaign calling on Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe to uphold his commitment to engage in dialogue with the family made in the wake of the high profile inquest into her death which found multiple serious failings on the part of the Met police.


IPCC discrimination complaints guidance published

16 September 2015

IPCC_guidelines_for_handling_allegations_of_discrimination_Sept_2015By Staff writer
Revised guidance by the Independent Police Complaints commission to improve the handling of discrimination complaints against the police, has been published three months after a report showing significant failings by officers in the handling of these complaints. Human rights campaigners point to the need for  people sectioned under the Mental Health Act, who come in contact with the police when detained on locked hospital wards, to be included in this document 


Appropriate Adult report omits need for right of legal advocate for those with mental health in custody before detention

07 September 2015

There_To_Help_-_welfare_of_vulnerable_people_report_Aug_2015Failings in safeguarding provisions for mentally vulnerable adults detained in police custody highlighted in a new report commissioned by the Home Office come as no surprise, but the sidelineing of race is seen as disturbing. In order to ensure that the rights of this group are adequately protected mental health professionals working on the front line point to the need for the right to a legal advocate before detention and say that the law must be changed to reflect this.


National Maangamizi month critical for the self determination of black Briton

26 August 2015

Stop_the_Maangamizi_-_we_charge_genocide_ecocideBy Ruth Dayspring
August has been designated as National Maangamizi Month to raise awareness about the continuum today of the African Holocaust which began with the transatlantic slave trade. A petition has been launched, following a letter that was handed in at 10 Downing street on the day of the 3000 man march on Emancipation Day for African Peoples Reparation, calling for an end to the Maangamizi entitled 'Stop the Maangamizi: We charge Genocide/Ecocide by the British State against African People worldwide.'


Mental health nurse jailed for raping and sexually assaulting vulnerable patients

24 August 2015

Vijay_Bundhun_rapist_mental_health_nurse_jailed_for_11_yearsBy Staff writer

Mental health nurse Vijay Bundhun, 42, of Tonford Lane, Canterbury, has been sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court to an 11 years prison sentence after being found guilty of four counts of rape and nine of sexual assault against patients including a girl of just 15 years old.


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